What are sheet masks?

Sheet masks are a sheet of material - usually cotton, microfiber or cellulose, which are soaked in a highly concentrated serum (or essence/ ampoule) made up of a variety of active ingredients (nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins). 

Why should you use a sheet mask?

Applying a sheet mask effectively allows the absorption of enriched serum into your skin.

A sheet mask only takes up to 20 minutes to do, which we think is the minimum amount of valuable time needed to be taken for ourselves daily in our busy lives. We often forget to relax and unwind, which is so important for our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

How to use sheet masks:

Using a sheet mask is simple and convenient. First, cleanse your face as usual and apply a toner to help the penetration of serum from the sheet mask into your skin. Remove the sheet mask from its packaging and unfold. Fix the sheet mask onto your face. For sheet masks that come adhered to a plastic/gauzed sheet and 3 sided sheet masks with both plastic and gauze, peel off the sides and apply the sheet mask onto your face. 

Sheet masks can be used for a minimum of 10 mins, but to achieve the maximum benefits, use the sheet mask for 20 mins. Never allow a sheet mask to dry onto your face as this will reverse the absorption of product into your skin.

Finally, pat the remaining serum onto your face gently with your fingers repeatedly to allow the serum to be fully absorbed. You can use the excess serum inside of the packet to apply onto other areas of your body that require hydration, such as your neck, chest, arms and hands.

Who can use sheet masks?

Anyone can use a sheet mask! Due to the endless range of sheet masks available, you can find one to target your own personal skin concern, with each one delivering intense hydration to your skin.

When and how often should you use a sheet mask?

A sheet mask can be used at anytime. They can easily be incorporated into your daily morning or evening skincare routine (or both). There are endless benefits to using a sheet mask daily. Depending on the sheet mask, it is recommended to use a sheet mask at least twice or three times weekly in order to achieve the maximum results for your skin.

Using a sheet mask in hot and dry environments helps to reduce redness and fine lines after sun exposure. In the winter months, hydration for your skin is essential as your skin is more likely to be dry due to the cold weather, which can make the appearance of wrinkles more prominent, as well as create an uneven and dull complexion on your face.