8 Korean Hair Care Essentials

If you’re looking to transform lacklustre strands into healthy and lustrous tresses, Korean hair care might be your saving grace. Many Korean products take a holistic approach to hair care – prioritising long-term health as opposed to quick fixes. One aspect of this is the intense focus on scalp health. Experts report that a clean scalp produces fuller, stronger hair at a faster rate, allowing you to ensure that you’re growing soft, resilient locks with a lot of vitality. Their formulations similarly feature a myriad of beneficial and innovative ingredients that cater to a wide range of concerns. 

Whether you’re looking to repair damage, ward off dryness or increase length, we’ve curated a shortlist of standout Korean hair care products to help bring out the best in your locks. 


Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo

This award-winning shampoo revitalises and purifies the scalp with care. Its star ingredient Rosemary Oil promotes hair growth and fortifies your locks for hair that feels strengthened and renewed. 

Aromatica Rosemary Sea Salt Scalp Scrub

Powered by Dead Sea Salt, a rich natural exfoliant, this invigorating scrub deeply cleanses the scalp, regulates oil production and stimulates microcirculation. Its formula also includes a soothing combination of Rosemary, Coriander, Basil and Oregano to nourish the skin, swiftly calming sensitive or irritated scalps and resulting in hair that feels clean and revived. 

SOMEBYMI Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Shampoo

Made with 4 types of Centella and packed full of peptides, this intensive shampoo both soothes, moisturises and strengthens the hair while simultaneously providing mild exfoliating benefits for a cleaner, healthier scalp. The result is fuller, stronger locks which are less likely to shed.   

Elizavecca Cer-100 Collagen Coating Protein 

Elizavecca’s collagen-rich hair treatment is a saviour for damaged hair. This product effectively repairs breakage and supplies much-needed care to heat or colour damaged strands. Infused with a hydrating synergy of herbal extracts and amino acids, it gives your locks a smooth, glossy finish and leaves hair feeling totally revitalised.  

Unove Deep Damage Treatment

Say goodbye to dry, dehydrated hair. Enriched with 36 different proteins and nutrients, this transformative hair mask restores moisture to weak and damaged strands by repairing the hair cuticles, granting you silky, salon-worthy locks with ease. 

Unove Deep Damage Repair Shampoo

Designed to repair and fortify even the most damaged of hair, UNOVE’s specialised formula promises resilient, shiny locks by delivering nourishment to deprived hair. It improves the appearance of breakage and split ends while simultaneously cleansing the scalp for hair that both looks and feels healthier.

Apieu Raspberry Hair Mist

This refreshing hair mist has a sweet raspberry scent and a light, hydrating formula that nourishes the hair and scalp, offers protective benefits and controls frizz. It's an ideal product to use in-between washes to make hair appear fresher and silkier.  

Apieu Mint Scalp Hair Vinegar

Banish dandruff with this revitalising scalp treatment. Its nourishing ingredients restore balance to your scalp, relieving any irritation and cleansing the pores. The formula feels cooling against the skin, providing a gentle tingling sensation that alleviates itching and encourages hair growth.